Vintage work - "flying winemaker"


 I can offer my services to run a winery during the vintage anywhere in the World. I can set up the winery for the upcoming vintages. Train and supervise local staff. Supermarkets are increasingly looking for New World style wines which are predominantly fruit driven, I can achieve this style for you or meet your own specifications of style.


Setting up a new winery & vineyard


If you've ever had the dream of having your own vineyard and winery and didn't know how to make it a reality, I can help you save time and money by getting it right from the beginning, avoiding costly mistakes. I can advise and work with you right from the start as the first year is where you'll need the most help. I'll be with you from the selection of grapes right through to the bottling.


Wine buying


With a no bull-shit approach, drawing from my wine-making experience I can locate and track down the wine to meet your specification as I can easily identify faults and potential problems in the wine. With local and independent analysis I can ensure that the wine you agree upon is the wine that you actually receive. And if need be I can supervise the loading or bottling of the wine.


Joint ventures and consultancy work


Over the past nine years I have worked with many joint ventures so I am aware of the pitfalls which may occur. I can evaluate the potential of a joint venture. Assessing the work point, vineyard and winery and give a full report of the pros and cons of the place. I can help set up and run the joint venture.